Thursday, January 29, 2009

On Egypt and Egyptians

Disloyal, many of us are
to the heart that loved us all
to the soul in lands afar
to the Mother of them all

Wild, we have become
A child has learned to run
Away from Her and from the Sun
To the plastic girls and guns

Divided, we cannot stand
Against the winds that blow the sand
We did not learn to understand
The privilege of holding hands

Disdain, the feeling has now spread
Through my veins and through my head
What I’ve seen and what I’ve said
Have not left me proud instead

Shame, it’s growing deep inside
Leaving me trying to hide
And the green it has now died
With the valleys in my eyes

Time, it takes to change our way
A new direction to be paved
For unity and peace I pray
Drinking the full cup today