Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gamal Mubarak: Heir to the Throne or Potential Candidate?!

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عم مينا said...

Interesting post but let me disagree with you a little bit.
I would take your advice and try to judge Gamal Mubarak based only on who he is.
All your facts are true but is he the only Egyptian that studied Economics in a prestigious institution? or focused on investment banking and corporate finance? I don't think so.. many Egyptians fell in that category. In addition, his focus on Economics makes him a better fit for a Prime Minister position (It's been always known that the PM is the economy guy in Egypt while the President will take mainly focus on foreign policy..)
As for his position in the NDP, we both know that he would have never got the Deputy General Secretary of he wasn't the son of the President.
To sum up, I don't find anything exceptional about Gamal Mubarak. He's definitely a successful and enlightened person but nothing more..

Let's now ignore all what I said and assume Gamal Mubarak is the perfect choice as a succeeder to his father, he will still not get my vote. I know it's unfair but letting him win the presidency is not in the public interest. Most of Egyptians have already lost every hope that Egypt might someday turn into a real democracy. The day Gamal Mubarak is elected President I can assure you that the optimist minority will simply join the rest.
A nation cannot advance if its people have lost faith in everything even if it has the best president ever!

Intuition. said...

your country's youth are fond of him- including myself- and I guess that what matters...the YOUTH!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, he is better than all the others now..but how many persons in the 80 million are better than him..and why should we accept only what is offered!

Raghda Salama said...

The thing is... when there's room for improvement and at the time where "progress" is in a life and death situation, I do not thin it is right to simply accept what's there... I mean we've accepted what's there all along.

In this post, I am only calling for considering him. To be honest, if this is the way the way the elections will be (nobody really worthy to vote for - in my opinion) I will not vote at all.

I don't mean to market a magazine (or myself) or anything, but this month (January) I wrote something in Euphoria basically about "How to choose who to vote for".

The point is... consider everyone who is part of the elections so you can have a good reason for supporting the person you vote for.