Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"This is what I love about life." I answered.

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Anonymous said...

I am bit confused but ...

I envy you for enjoy such a primitive thing. The joy of life is truly in its simplest activities.

I always used 'communication' as a mean to get a point across but never actually looked at it as a joy. I always enjoyed what it brings.

That sad, it makes sense from your perspective. After all you are a journalist (soon to be) :)

Best of luck and keep writing!

"You speak, They listen, Things change."

See you in a better changed future.

... and off I go!

Vikram Ambrose said...

You love Freedom and you believe in Destiny? That's interesting.

What is it that I love about life? Easy. Life. I love life for life. The actual state of being, growing, breathing, living. Being in a forest on an early spring morning is one of the most beautiful things I can think of. There is life all around you. Everything is just so alive. Wild flowers growing even on rocks! I love the smell of fresh air. I love speeding on the highway on a cold morning with the windows down and the music up. I like partying all night with my friends and driving home at 4am. I like to swim in the ocean.

I love living - That is what I love about life.

I got a message from you on FB, you asked us to RSVP to Emad and Mireille's wedding. I clicked on the name of the person that sent the message. I got to your FB page and clicked on your blog. And here I am.

mishkash said...

You have a nice blog :).liked reading it

"When we speak (or listen), our attention is focused on words rather than body language. But our judgement includes both. An audience is simultaneously processing both verbal and nonverbal cues. Body movements are not usually positive or negative in and of themselves; rather, the situation and the message will determine the appraisal."

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey raghda, pretty awesome article, i dunno if u remeber but im Kareem from Qatar.

Patrick said...

@ Vikram Ambrose

"growing" - that is the key.

What I love about life is that I am a different person than the guy I was a year ago. Different than the person I was yesterday. Each day I grow wiser with the experiences that I have had. I fully accept that I will be a different person in the future, and that the goals and determination I possess will guide that path.

My skills will be only be developed by years of hard work and perseverance. And I can achieve anything in this world that I set out to accomplish. Weather that be learning a new musical instrument or going back to school to earn another degree. From weight loss to raising a family. All these choices cause us to grow as a person, and this growth is what I love about life.

A wiser man than I once said, "Happiness is achieved by an unconditional acceptance of all that life has to offer".