Sunday, March 21, 2010

"What do you love about life?" he asked.

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Anonymous said...

Like your style, the question: not so much. I love the fact you left it open so people get to think for a second about their own answer to this question.

Since this is the comments section, let me add my own.

For me, this question simply doesn't hold. It is like asking: what is the color of a music note?

I can't really say I love or hate life. I am just living it. I don't love breathing or hate it, I just know that I need to do it. The other option I have is to die and I don't know what happens then. Maybe I would hate life if I knew what the alternative have to offer.

If he meant by his question a more simplistic view, then my answer would be: the things that makes me happy. But again this has nothing to do with life. And all you need to answer is "What makes you happy?" - he rephrased

Happiness has a wide spectrum. Starting from things you do yourself to make yourself happy/satisfied/pleasured to things others do to you to bring joy into your life.

For me: there is no better thing than someone takes from his/her own time to bring happiness to your life! or maybe that is just me!

I will wonder the web and back for part II

Raghda Salama said...

Thank you very much for commenting, anonymous. Here is part II, which includes my response to your comment.